To impart quality education in Mechanical Engineering and develop students to be self-employed and to work in the industry and society.


M1: To impart analytical and conceptual skills through adequate exposure to theory and practice.

M2: To impart basic and contemporary science, engineering and research skills for identifying problems and to be able to develop practical solutions to them.

M3:  To inculcate social and professional ethical responsibility through value embedded technical knowledge.

Program Specific Outcomes



  • Mechanical Engineering Graduates will be able to work in the industries with thorough knowledge in the field of thermal, design and manufacturing processes.



  • Mechanical Engineering graduate must be able to demonstrate the ability to identify formulate and solve a mechanical Engineering problem using research-based knowledge and research methods.



  • Mechanical Engineering Graduate will be able to apply value embedded technical knowledge to assess social and professional ethical responsibility.



  • Mechanical Engineering Graduates will be able to develop research attitude and multi disciplinary approach through demonstration of good analytical, design and implementation skills.

  • Mechanical Engineering Graduates will be able to investigate and provide solution to problems in the field of design, optimization and vibration using relevant research methodology, techniques and tools.

  • Mechanical Engineering Graduates will be able to apply the knowledge of engineering and management principles to work as a member/leader of multidisciplinary design team.