Name & Designation

Qualifications & Area of Specialization

Experience in years

Prof. Dr. P. C. Kulkarni Prof. Dr. P. C. Kulkarni


Ph.D., M.Tech. (Production) Teaching : 30
Prof. P. M. Deshpande Prof. P. M. Deshpande

Assistant Professor, Vice Principal

B.E. (Mechanical),


Teaching : 11

Industry : 25

Prof. S. R. Tare Prof. Dr. S. R. Tare

HOD & Associate Professor

Ph D(Mechanical Engineering), M Tech, Teaching : 14

Industry : 13

Prof. S. R. Tare Dr. K. V. Chandratre

 Associate Professor

Ph.D. Production Engg. Teaching : 21
Dr. P. B. Nehe Dr. P. B. Nehe

Associate Professor

M.Tech (Thermal & Fluids) – IIT Bombay,
PhD – IIT Bombay
Teaching : 16
Prof. D. S. Chaudhari D. S. Chaudhari

Assistant Professor

B.E. (Mechanical)


Teaching : 10
Prof. Kale V.C. Kale V.C.

Assistant Professor

B.E. Metallurgy,

M.E. Metallurgy

Teaching : 05

Industry : 20

user_male Varade B.V.

Assistant Professor

M.E.(Design) Industry : 12
Mr. C. K. Bhosale C. K. Bhosale

Assistant Professor

B.E. (Mechanical)Thermal Teaching : 08

Industry : 01

Mr. Y. D. Kokate Y. D. Kokate

Assistant Professor

B.E. (Mechanical)Thermal Teaching : 06
user_female Ms. S. P. Deshpande

Assistant Professor



Teaching : 24
Mr.Mandlik V.T. Mandlik V.T.

Assistant Professor

B.E Mechanical, (Heat & Power)

Teaching: 04

Industry: 01

Mr. Dawange S.V. Dawange S.V.

Assistant Professor

B.E. Mech,


Teaching : 4.5

Industry : 1.5

Mr. Chintamani L.B. Chintamani L.B.

Assistant Professor

B.E. Mech,

M.E. Heat & Power(Pursuing)

Teaching : 06
Prof. Pawar R.S. Pawar R.S.

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.E. (Design) Teaching : 06
Mr.Tarle R.V. Tarle R.V.

Assistant Professor

B.E Mechanical,

M.E (Pursuing)

Teaching: 02

Industry: 01

user_male Ghode M.K.


B.E. Mech Industry : 04
shs1 Sonawane S.H.

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (Thermal & fluids)


Teaching : 05
Prof. Fanisam M.BN. Prof. M.BN. Fanisam 

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (Machine Design) Teaching: 2.5
Prof. Salve A.K. Salve A.K.

Assistant Professor

B.E. Mech, M.E.(Design),

PhD Pursuing

Teaching : 01
Ms. Thorat P.R. Ms. Thorat P.R.


B.E. Mech Teaching : 06
Mr. A. T. Sadgir A. T. Sadgir


B.E Mechanical M.E (Pursuing) Teaching: 01
Industry: 04

Technical Support Team


Name & Designation

Qualification and Area of Specialization

Experience in Years

 sp Swapnil Pawar
Lab Assistant
B.E. Mech , M.E. (Pursuing) Teaching : 0

Industry : 0

 pvt P.V. Takekar
Lab Assistant
I.T.I.(Fitter) (NCTVT) Teaching : 7

Industry : 2

 pat P.A. Tatar
Lab Assistant
I.T.I.(Machinist) Teaching : 2.5

Industry : 7

 gdt G.D. Thike
Lab Assistant
M.A. I.T.I.(Machinist) Teaching : 11

Industry : 3