Metallurgy and MQC LAB

Sr. No Name of Laboratory
1. CAD-CAM Lab
2. Design Of Machine Element Lab
3. Strength of Materials Lab
4. Industrial Fluid Power Lab
5. Basic Mechanical Lab
6. Workshop
7. Thermal Engineering lab
8. Heat transfer lab.
9. Theory of machines lab
10. Turbo machinery lab
11. Fluid Mechanics Lab
12. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab


Hardware Specifications Quantity
UTM machine (60 tons) 1
Compression testing machine 1
Torsion test apparatus 1
Pneumatic actuators and their circuits 1
Hydraulic actuators and their circuits 1
All the type of boiler models 1
Models for mechanism and internal combustion engines 1
Binocular metallurgical model SM-8 with imported optics, microscopic accessories micrometer. 1
Rockwell & brinell hardness tester 1
Impact testing machine. 1
Standard metallurgical microstructure set 1
Gear tooth vernier, vernier caliper, screw thread micrometer, magnetic dial stand. 1
All the types of gauges and measuring instruments 1
Lathe machine shop 1
Welding shop 1
Carpentry shop. 1
Fitting shop 1
CNC machine 1
Milling Machines 1
Cylinder Petrol Engine 4
Single Cylinder Diesel engine 1
Reciprocating Compressor. 1
Bomb Calorimeter 1
Two way gas analyzer 1
Composite slab thermal conductivity measurement apparatus 1
Insulating powder thermal conductivity measurement apparatus 1
Steffen Boltzmann constant measurement apparatus 1
Emissivity measurement apparatus. 1
Force and natural convection apparatus 1
Gyroscope 1
Single plate clutch apparatus 1
Bifiller and trifiler suspension Apparatus 1
Rope break dynamometer 1
Pelton Wheel test rig. 1
Kaplan turbine test rig 1
Impact of jet test rig. 1
Centrifugal pump test rig 1
Venturimeter apparatus 1
Orifice meter 1
Pressure measuring devices 1
Reynolds apparatus 1
Redwood viscometer 1
Losses in pipe flow measuring apparatus 1
Combined ice plant, refrigeration and air conditioning test rig 1
Heat pump test rig. 1



UNIGRAPHICS-10 License copy-20 Users
ZWCAD-99 Users
AutoCAD 2014