Name of the Lab

Equipment Details

Cad Cam Lab

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. D. S. Chaudhari

1.     Hyperworks 18.0

2.     Unigraphics 10

3.     Witness Horizon

4.     ZWCAD 2009

5.     HP Monoget Platter

6.     6 KVA UPS 3 Nos.

7.     90 COMPUTER System


Cad Cam Lab
Metallurgy /Metrology and Quality Control,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. V C Kale,

Varade B V

1.     Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester

2.     Metallurgical Microscope

3.     Set of Microstructures

4.     Dye Penetrant Kit

5.     Sine Center

6.     Slip Gauge

7.     Interferometer

8.     Surface plate

9.     Tool Makers Microscope

10.          Surface roughness Tester


Dynamics of Machinery.
Dynamics of Machinery,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. R. S. Pawar

1.     Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

2.     Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

3.     Sound & Noise Measurement Set Up

4.     Universal Vibration Test Rig Apparatus(VIB LAB)

5.     Isolators Characteristics Test Rig

6.     Shock Absorber Test Rig

7.     Bearing Fault Detection Test Rig


Industrial Fluid Power.
Industrial Fluid Power.,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. S. P. Deshpande

1.     Hydraulic Trainer

2.     Pneumatic Trainer

3.     Gear Pump


Cad Cam Lab
Thermodynamics / IC Engine,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. C. K. Bhosaale.

1.     Separating & Throttling Calorimeter

2.  Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig

3.  Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig

4.  Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor Test Rig

5.  Two Way NDIR Gas Analyser

6.  Bomb Calorimeter

7.  Flash Point Measuring Apparatus


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
Heat Transfer/ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. ,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. Y. D. Kokate

1.     Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Metal rod.

2.  Thermal conductivity of insulating

3.  Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Composite wall

4.  Determination of heat transfer coefficient in Forced Convection

5.  Determination of heat transfer coefficient in Natural Convection

6.  Determination of heat transfer coefficient in Natural Convection

7.  Determination of Stefan Boltzmann Constant

8.  Demonstration of Heat pipe

9.  Transient Hot Wire Apparatus

10.          Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cad Cam Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. L. B. Chintamani

1.     Pressure Measurement

2.     Redwood Viscometer

3.     Bernoulli’s Apparatus

4.     Venturi/Orificemeter  Apparatus

5.     Floating Body Apparatus

6.     V Notch Apparatus

7.     Major & Minor Loss   Apparatus

8.     Hele Shaw Apparatus


Cad Cam Lab
Turbo Machinery.,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. L. B. Chintamani

1.     Pelton Wheel

2.     Kaplan Turbine

3.     Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

4.     Impact of Jet Apparatus


Cad Cam Lab
Theory of Machine.,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. M. K. Ghode

1.      Four bar &  Single Slider Mechanism

2.     Bifilar Suspension

3.     Trifilar Suspension

4.     Hooke’s Joint

5.     Compound Pendulum

6.     Universal Governor Apparatus

7.     Cam Analysis Apparatus

8.     Torque Transmission through Friction  Clutch

9.     Power Transmitted by Brake Dynamometer

10.Epicyclic Gear Train

11.Motorized Gyroscope

12. Involute Gear Tooth Profile (Rack Cutter)

Cad Cam Lab
Drawing Hall/Basic Mechanical Lab.,

Lab Incharge:,

Prof. D. S. Chaudhary

1.     Boiler Model

2.     Valves

3.     Gears

4.     Clutches

5.     Dissected Prisms

6.     Dissected Pyramids

7.     Introductory Charts



Shop Incharge:

A)Welding Shop



B)Fitting Shop

Mr. Takekar.P.V

C)Machine Shop

Mr.S. S. Patole

1.     Arc Welding Setup

2.     Surface plate setup

3.     fitting shop equipment

4.     Lathe machine

5.     Sensitive Drilling Machine

6.     Hydraulic Power hacksaw

7.     Vertical milling machine

8.     horizontal milling machine

9.     CNC Lathe machine